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JobsDecoder is a comprehensive Career Planning Platform.

JobsDecoder is designed to guide serious Jobseekers in their career journey.
We do everything we can to support your dream because your success means our success!

To help you get your dream job, we provide the following to you:

Essential Job Skills, Personalized Learning Programs, AI Career Competency Matcher/Finder, Career Planners and more!

Find the Right Jobs and Skills for You.

Based on your resume, JobsDecoder's AI solutions will find the jobs and skills that matches your career goals. Discover your career path and identify the skills necessary for your dream job! Our Resume Optimizer will also provide you with the hiring managers' requirements for every position. Stay up-to-date with the current Job Market Trends & Analytics provided by JobsDecoder.

Recruiter's Program - Find the Right Candidates

Our mission is to connect the right candidates to the right employers. We verify our job candidates through various certification methods: micro-projects, technical tests, and an AI that rates our users’ initial job-fit based on their skills, education, and experiences. You will also gain access to a database of certified that have been personally examined by our field experts and professionals.

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